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Accredited Academic Program

Accredited Academic Program

K-12 Academic Overview

We prepare students for college and career readiness with 21st century learning that incorporates differentiated instruction and small-class sizes, technology, and project-based learning. With engaged, caring teachers and a broad-based curriculum, EPPA encourages students to grow intellectually as well as physically, socially, and emotionally. 

Core Subjects

Eastern Panhandle Preparatory Academy presents a standards-based curriculum aligned with West Virginia College and Career Readiness Standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts, and Physical Education. EPPA students are instructed in six subject areas:

English Language Arts

We help students develop vital communication skills, while inspiring a love of literature. Younger children learn phonics and grammar and prepare for reading through multi-sensory activities, while older students learn to comprehend and analyze both fiction and non-fiction. The program emphasizes classic works and writing as a process.


We balance fundamental skills with critical thinking and problem solving. Our active approach ensures that students understand the realities that underlie mathematical concepts. Games and animations bring concepts to life, while challenge problems, regular practice, and review ensure mastery. We build from the concrete to the abstract as students move from basic skills toward algebra.


Our Science program uses hands-on experiments to support the systematic study of life, Earth, and the physical sciences. We nurture curiosity as students practice observation and analytical skills. Students learn how our understanding of the world is shaped by ongoing scientific and technological advances.

Social Studies

With integrated topics in geography, civics, economics, and history, our Social Studies program opens young minds and imaginations to far-off lands, distant times, and diverse cultures. We explore the history and geography of North America and beyond.

Visual Arts

Lessons in Art Appreciation to develop understanding in form, style, and structure. Art projects allow students to explore their individual creativity and expression.

Physical Education

Organized physical education gets children exercising regularly. We teach students important concepts of teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as promoting general health and well-being.

How We ACCELerate Learning

High-performing schools throughout the US benefit from ACCEL’s Instructional Model (AIM). Our approach is accredited by Cognia™ and provides the foundation for your child’s academic success. 

• Aligned Academics meet or exceed state standards ensuring your child is on track for rigorous college and career opportunities.

• Student-centered staff united in executing our mission to make a difference in the life trajectory of each student.

• More Time on Task and double the instructional minutes for ELA and Math maximizes learning in your child’s school day.

• Short Cycle Assessments keep track of how students are progressing in the program, giving teachers ongoing feedback so they can tailor instruction to your student’s needs.

• Individualized Instruction driven by assessment data means we are familiar with the needs of each child and set students up for success in each course of study.

• State Testing Preparation reduces the anxiety often associated with high stakes tests, helping our teachers and students feel confident with the structure and methodology of state exams.

• Academic Support including education technology, interventional specialists, and instructional aides assist students during the school day.

• Extracurricular Courses & Activities round out our educational offerings providing students social-emotional learning, athletics, arts, service learning & more.

Recent News

Special Education

Eastern Panhandle Preparatory Academy works to support the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of all students.  

Sarah Britcher
Special Education Coordinator